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Addressing the opioid crisis

Alaska’s healthcare system serves a population of 740,000 spread across 663,000 square miles. Given the relatively “small” number of patients cared for within this vast backdrop, it’s easy to believe our state healthcare leaders are giving patients the personalized treatment they need to live their best lives.

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Collective Medical's Support for COVID-19
In an effort to share as much information as possible with those affected by or assisting with management of the outbreak—and to solicit feedback and ideas—Collective Medical hosted a series of 60-minute webinars led by its chief medical officer, Dr. Benjamin Zaniello, MPH, who is also a practicing infectious disease physician.
Hundreds attended, but many more have requested access to a recording of one of the sessions.

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For more information about how Collective can support your organization’s response to COVID-19 or other infectious disease outbreaks, please contact