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No-cost functionality to address COVID-19

Collective connects care teams across organizations—including hospitals, post-acute, primary care, health plans, and
public health—to identify, isolate, treat, and trace COVID-19.

Streamline transitions of care across diverse teams
  • Identify—Identify exposure and risk factors
  • Isolate—Enable care teams to appropriately triage and isolate patients
  • Treat—Engage care team members and attach the most recent “best practice” protocol
  • Trace—Provide patient history and locate potential patient contacts at risk, notifying public health when these contacts present at a point of care
  • Collaborate—Continue to support and engage patient care teams and facilitate appropriate follow-up care

Collective’s COVID-19 functionality is being offered at no charge for all existing organizations on the Collective network.

For organizations not yet participating in Collective’s network, Collective’s rapidly deployable solution will be available for no cost through 2020. The functionality leverages data from all 50 states, advanced patient matching, and real-time communication within provider workflows for better care and response.

Collective is system agnostic

Increasing visibility post-discharge

The Collective platform offers visibility into patients post-discharge. Monitor patient progress, receive update notifications, and have the tools necessary to follow-up with patients and track potential spread of COVID-19.

Want to implement Collective’s COVID-19 functionality at your organization? Email