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Our collective vision

At Collective, we understand that clinical data is more than ones and zeroes. Every piece represents an actual person—often the most vulnerable among us.

We’re in this to make a difference,
working together to close the communication gaps that undermine patient care.

Collective is system agnostic

Our history guides our future

Our story starts with Patti Green, an emergency department social worker in Boise, Idaho. At the onset of the opioid epidemic, Patti realized there was no way of tracking vital patient information as her patients travelled between different points of care.

Patti began making daily calls to hospitals and clinics across the state, creating handwritten care plans and spreadsheets for the patients under her care. Patti’s project spread, and soon other providers began contributing information for their own patients.

As the project grew, it needed to graduate beyond paper and pencil—resulting in Patti’s son, Adam, and his roommate, Wylie, founding the Collective we know today.

Patti’s passion and dedication lives in each of us as we continue to pursue her vision.

Today, Collective, a PointClickCare company, provides diverse care teams across the care continuum real-time patient insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey. With access to data from our technology, care teams are empowered with rich information for better decision making, improved clinical outcomes and lower care costs.

I’m helping put a man on the moon

In 1961, John F. Kennedy visited NASA headquarters for the first time. During his tour, he met engineers, mathematicians, and astronauts, but one janitor left a lasting impression. When Kennedy asked what he did at NASA, the janitor answered proudly, “Well, Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

He understood the importance of his small part in achieving a great vision.

At Collective, every role—from entry level to CEO—matters in achieving our vision. The work completed by each employee impacts the effect we have on the patients we serve.


Collective is system agnostic

“This is easily the best place I’ve worked. Everyone is talented and has passion. If you love what you do and want to make a difference, this is the right place to be.” 

—Joe Gerew, Engineering

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