Helping patients get the care they need in the best settings

Collective delivers real-time notifications with insights at the point of care not just to ED physicians, but to the patient’s entire care team.

Jack's Story
Jack’s Story

Unsure how to access primary care, Jack turned to the ED for his daughter’s pediatric asthma attacks

Jack’s daughter had repeated and alarming asthma attacks. Uninsured and working several jobs to make ends meet, he took her to the only place he knew he could get her immediate care at any hour—the hospital emergency department.

Through the Collective Platform, care managers were notified of Jack’s daughter’s repeated ED visits. The day after his daughter’s most recent visit a nurse reached out to Jack to better understand his situation, help him navigate his options through Medicaid, and work with him to schedule an appointment at a primary care physician with evening hours.

She hasn’t needed to visit the ED since.

(Anonymized patient story)

Alerts designed to support the unique needs of the emergency department

In the ED, seconds matter. Collective curates patient data into a focused alert to help ED providers make rapid, informed decisions for better patient outcomes.

Collective information at the point of care

  • Care team-provided care plans
  • Prescription histories/PDMP data*
  • Insights into social determinants
  • Utilization patterns
  • Advance directives/POLST*
  • Security alerts
  • *in states where available

    Avoid unnecessary admissions

    Avoid preventable admissions and identify and support patients with high utilization patterns

    Get notifications for patients with patterns of high utilization or complex needs as soon as they register—notifications also sent to other members of the patient’s care team so they can intervene and redirect patients to more appropriate settings for care.

    Integrate seamlessly with existing workflows and EHRs

    Collective delivers notifications directly into your systems, regardless of EHR, or sends alerts by fax, network printer, email, or text message. This ability to embrace each facility’s unique needs and workflows aligns providers, giving them a shared playbook—wherever the patient goes, Collective follows.

    After implementing Collective, ED care teams in Washington state saw $34 million in savings in the program’s first year resulting from:


    Reduction in overall ED Medicaid visits


    Reduction in ED use among frequent utilizers


    Reduction in low-acuity ED visits


    Reduction in narcotic prescriptions from the ED

    Source: The Brookings Institution

    Collective makes it easy to meet your emergency department utilization goals

    Success stories from a growing network of providers of all sizes nationwide

    Identify and support patients with high ED utilization