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Payers can help identify and guide members at the point of care to the best care settings

Gain visibility into your members’ activities across the care continuum and share insights that connect payers and network providers in real-time to support quality and affordable care.

Connect Care Teams for Value-Based Success

The right partnerships between health plans, members, and providers can help to reduce hospitalizations, decrease the total cost of care and drive better outcomes.

Member Activity Visibility:Delivers real-time ADT messaging to optimize and expedite notifications of admissions (NOA), streamline utilization managements processes, and enhance internal data repositories.

Care and Utilization Optimization: Reduces total cost of care by identifying chronic disease, behavioral health issues, and high or rising patterns of acute care services and collaborating with providers in real-time.

Quality and Coding Optimization: Helps health plans improve performance on HEDIS and Stars quality scores and close coding gaps to improve risk adjustment.

Value-Based Care Coordination: Integrates plan partners/providers to proactively manage patients’ care and improve quality and risk adjustment.

Gain a more holistic view of your members and establish key connections

Increase visibility into member activity, care and utilization trends, as well as opportunities to optimize quality programs and value-based care coordination.

Unmatched network scale and activation: #1 in post-acute network coverage with 70% market share across 22,000+ skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, and 3,000+ hospitals.

Most advanced data and analytics: Full chart-level data as the system of record with real-time data access, exchange, and deep-learning based analytics on cross-continuum insights.

Most integrated workflow: #1 best in KLAS ranked with full point-of-care support of seamless workflow automation and delivery.

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