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Avoiding unnecessary hospital readmissions

The Collective network helps providers gain real-time visibility into complex patients and empowers care teams to collaborate to avoid unnecessary readmissions.

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Rashmi's Story
Rashmi’s story

10 days after hip surgery, Rashmi found herself back at the ED

The surgery went flawlessly, and Rashmi had a speedy recovery at a skilled nursing facility.

But 10 days later, a stumble unexpectedly sent Rashmi back to the ED. The moment she registered in the ED, every member of her care team was immediately notified by the Collective platform. Her care team seamlessly transferred Rashmi back to the skilled nursing facility, avoiding an unnecessary hospital readmission and providing Rashmi with the best possible care.

When Rashmi was ready to continue her recovery at home, her care team continued to be involved in her progress. Together, they ensured she was able to get back to more important things, like her granddaughter.

(Anonymized patient story)

Avoid unnecessary readmissions by redirecting patients to better venues for care

Notifications are delivered to care settings across the spectrum, enabling collaboration and redirection of patients to the best available settings.

Avoid Unnecessary Admissions

Collective, as the technical backbone to a hospital’s readmissions program, has been proven to support drastic reductions in avoidable hospital readmissions.

CHI St. Anthony Hospital implemented the Collective platform as the foundation of its readmissions reduction efforts, using the utilization insights to identify core causes. They successfully reduced their all-cause 30-day readmissions rate by 78%.

See how Collective Medical will help your hospital reduce avoidable readmissions