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Bettering behavioral health through coordinated care

Mental and behavioral health goes beyond helping patients feel “happy.” We provide the integrated care needed to help patients with complex conditions thrive.

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Streamline transitions of care across diverse teams
  • Receive alerts at the time of crisis when patients present to the hospital
  • Access detailed care histories and guidelines to better identify and diagnose underlying problems—including substance use disorder
  • Collaborate with health plans, hospitals, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) facilities, and other behavioral or mental health providers to deliver consistent patient care
  • Motivate and work with patients to manage health in non-acute settings

Know the full story

Collective paints a comprehensive picture of patient health, so providers can move past treating symptoms to facilitating wellness.

Groundbreaking consent capabilities

Patients trust their providers to keep health records private. When it comes to the sensitive information found in behavioral health files, Collective’s unique consent capture features allow you to keep your patients’ records—and trust—safe.

Keep patient records secure with specially-designed consent functionality

Ensure your patient gets the best care possible—wherever they go—without violating privacy

Stay in compliance with shifting regulations with routine updates that keep up with state and federal standards

Trust goes both ways

We recognize the trust healthcare institutions place in us by sharing patient data. And we consider the responsible stewardship of that data to be our single most important function, which is why Collective maintains a HITRUST CSF certification.

HITRUST certified

Addressing the Behavioral Health Shortage Through Care Collaboration

Every year, around 45 million adults in the United States experience a mental health condition. Additionally, The US spends over $200 billion and $35 billion per year on mental disorders and substance use disorders, respectively. This white paper discusses the shortage of behavioral health professionals, government initiatives, the role of collaboration, and success stories from organizations who have improved clinical and financial outcomes by prioritizing care coordination.

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