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Reduce Hospital Readmissions With the Right Data

Collective Medical’s software empowers hospitals and their post-acute partners to collaborate, coordinate care, and track patient activity in real-time to prevent readmissions.

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Tools and Features to Drive Your
Readmissions Reductions Program

Intelligent Readmission Risk Scoring

Real-time clinical information and historic data from the nation’s largest network combine to project each patient’s risk score, with on-going updates throughout the patient’s stay. Trained by more than 18.3 million patient encounters, Collective Medical’s machine-learning-driven analytics software accurately identifies when a patient is likely to readmit after a hospital or post-acute care stay.

Direct EHR Integration

Collective Medical’s bi-directional EHR integration receives real-time admit, discharge, and transfer (ADT) and continuity of care (CCD) information from thousands of care providers and automatically pushes alerts and curated care information directly into existing workflows. Empower your care team with daily insights into millions of patients and achieve better collaboration with other care providers.

Real-Time Care Collaboration Between Acute and Post-Acute Providers

Improve transitions of care between settings and grant partners opportunities to track shared patients to provide more coordinated cared. We encourage hospitals to bring their ambulatory, community, post-acute care partners, and home health partners onto the Collective Medical network to provide a collaborative approach to health care and improve patient outcomes.

Automatic Identification and Notification on Likely Readmissions

Using Collective Medical’s intelligent analytics software, care providers receive real-time notifications both when a patient in front of them is likely a readmission from another facility and when one of their recent patients is likely readmitting at another facility, enabling immediate collaboration between providers at each care setting to redirect patients as needed.

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Avoid Unnecessary Admissions

Eliminate many of the most common reasons hospitals and their post-acute partners experience issues which result in avoidable readmissions, including:

  • • premature discharge
  • • lack of information for emergency departments
  • • poor communication with outpatient providers
  • • lack of post discharge communication with patients

Using the Collective Medical platform to coordinate care and track patient activity, our partners have been able to overcome these challenges and excel in driving down readmissions. We’ve included some of our case studies below to share how some of our partners reduced their 30-day all-cause readmission rates by 25 – 75% with Collective Medical.

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Customer Stories

See how Collective Medical will help your hospital reduce avoidable readmissions