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healtheConnect Alaska HIE Partners with Collective Medical to Share Vital Patient Insights with Care Teams Across the State

Collaboration and real-time data sharing partnership to improve care and reduce expense by supporting better population health management and care coordination across Alaska

SALT LAKE CITY–Collective Medical, the leading network-enabled platform for real-time cross-continuum care coordination in the acute, ambulatory, post-acute, and payer space, today announced a partnership with healtheConnect Alaska, a non-profit statewide health information exchange (HIE) focused on serving Alaska’s diverse healthcare network. The partnership will further several of the State’s public health initiatives, including driving quality and cost improvements in healthcare delivery, further reducing opioid prescribing in emergency departments, improving patient transitions from acute, to post-acute and home care settings, and increasing information flow to enable more transparency between patients and their providers.

healtheConnect Alaska assists with public health reporting, manages critical pandemic-related coordination with the state, and maintains rich clinical datasets on behalf of patients. By working together with the HIE, Collective’s platform can build upon the information maintained by the HIE to identify opportunities for improved care decisions as well as situations in which a patient may face imminent risk of an adverse outcome absent proactive provider response. Collective will, in turn, push critical real-time insights directly to the point of care to activate and inform those providers best positioned to act or intervene on behalf of the patient. In combination, the partnership will drive a higher level of provider awareness, based on a deeper level of clinical insight, to help patients receive the best possible care at the lower cost through improved provider decision making across the care continuum.

“This partnership puts patients at the forefront,” says Chris Klomp, Collective Medical CEO. “By empowering care teams with timely, well-placed, and on-point clinical insights, Alaska’s multi-faceted healthcare system will be better supported and able to provide care to those who need it most.”

“Alaska has expansive geography and many patients travel very long distances seeking care,” states Elizabeth King, director of behavioral health and workforce for the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association. “Even with flying, it can take a patient from a rural community a day or more in travel time to reach a medical facility. That patient may then be transferred to a larger hospital for more specific treatment and then back to the community where the care originated. It is not uncommon for some patients to receive care from multiple clinicians in multiple facilities for the same medical condition, making care collaboration crucial in ensuring positive outcomes.”

Alaska’s legislature paved the way for statewide care collaboration with the creation of healtheConnect Alaska HIE and Senate Bill 74: The ED Coordination Project. Through the collaboration between the HIE and Collective Medical, healthcare entities can further progress the state’s mission of ensuring all modalities of care have access to whole-patient health records for the state’s nearly 740,000 citizens.

“With multiple healthcare crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic and an alarming trend of increased overdoses and substance use disorder, coordination in healthcare is more crucial than ever,” says Laura Young, executive director of healtheConnect Alaska. “By collaborating, Collective and healtheConnect Alaska can support care teams across all points of care with real-time insights and access to deep clinical data so that they can make the most informed care decisions possible.”

PointClickCare Technologies, the leader in cloud-based software technology for the long-term and post-acute care market, entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Collective Medical. Together, PointClickCare and Collective Medical will provide diverse care teams across the continuum of acute, ambulatory, and post-acute care with point-of-care access to deep, real-time patient insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey, enabling better decision making and improved clinical outcomes at lower cost. To learn more, the press release may be found here.


Established in 2009, healtheConnect Alaska is an unbiased, non-profit organization, entrusted by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services to implement services and technologies to ensure every Alaskan gets the right care at the right time. healtheConnect aims to provide safe, secure transport for health information to improve quality of patient care and to increase efficiencies for hospitals and medical practices. Care providers are given the patient information they need to make informed decisions that ensure the best possible outcomes.


Collective Medical is the nation’s leading real-time care notification, activation, and collaboration platform. Proven to streamline care transitions, improve coordination, and reduce unnecessary length of stay and admissions, Collective helps improve patient outcomes and lower costs by closing communication gaps across care settings that undermine care. With a nationwide network of thousands of hospitals and health systems, primary, specialty, and post-acute clinics, health plans and ACOs, Collective integrates alongside EHRs and health information exchanges to empower decision making by highlighting essential insights and actions to take on patients a provider has already seen, is currently seeing, or should see. Learn more about Collective’s impact at


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