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Acute Care Hospitals Requirement to Submit ADT Feeds to the Statewide Event Notification Service (ENS) Framework

Quick Summary:

  • Certified Vendors for the statewide event notifications services (ENS) will be selected by EOHSS shortly. See the newest EOHHS update here
  • By July 1, 2020, hospitals are required to select a Certified Vendor and be transmitting ADTs to the Vendor
  • Penalties for non-compliance take effect on January 1, 2021
  • Collective Medical is Certifying and will, at no additional cost, ensure compliance for your hospital for ADT submission
  • Regardless of the Certified Vendor selection hospitals can and should continue to submit their ADT to Collective Medical to further statewide goals

Collective Medical – Certified Vendor: 

Collective Medical is the nation’s most effective ADT-based care collaboration network. Its strong Massachusetts and overall east coast presence yield proven results in improving ED optimization, behavioral care, and addressing complex or high-risk patients—including those with social determinants of health.

A Proven Solution for Massachusetts

Collective Medical captures over 95% of all ED and inpatient encounters at acute care hospitals across the Commonwealth, boasts the largest behavioral health provider and care coordination network, and brings asynchronous communication to medical communities—greatly increasing their ability to collaborate and better provide care.

Collective is unique in that it powers numerous other statewide ENS programs with proven value. In addition to ADT exchange, Collective has demonstrated improved outcomes in a number of use cases relevant for patients in Massachusetts. As examples:

  • In 2019, Collective helped Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts reduce unnecessary ED utilization by enrolled behavioral health patients by 78 percent—drastically reducing ED boarding—through facilitating connections between ED physicians, case managers, and community behavioral health resources.
  • Aspire Health Alliance in Quincy, Massachusetts increased engagement rates by 150 percent using Collective in care management programs designed to meet MassHealth initiatives. This increase lead to better care for patients with behavioral health diagnoses, substance use disorder, and social determinants of care.
  • Nationwide, hospitals using the Collective platform to reduce unnecessary readmissions showed an overall 12% decrease in 2019 readmissions when a care insight was written for a patient on the platform. Collective is supported by 25 hospital associations across the country, with proven outcomes at hospitals, clinics, health systems, and other organizations throughout the US.
A Trusted Partner – Security and Compliance

Collective implements the highest healthcare standards and protocols to protect Sensitive Information and PHI across its network in accordance to HIPAA. Collective has been HITRUST certified since 2017, signifying its dedication to protecting data and information through state-of-the-art encryption in transit and at rest, and requires its downstream vendors and HIE partners to implement similar controls.

By including all federal and state regulations, standards, and frameworks, Collective ensures a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

As you consider Certified Vendors, we encourage you to inquire/discuss with potential vendors how long the Certified Vendor has been HITRUST Certified (one of the main security requirements of EOHHS to become Certified).


Technical Implementation – Summary:


Messages containing covered information are encrypted with AES encryption, at-rest and in-transit. Some files containing larger quantities of data will additionally be GPG encrypted.


Strong authentication methods such as multi-factor, Radius or Kerberos, and CHAP are implemented for all external connections to the organization’s network by one of the following methods

  • a cryptographic based technique
  • biometric techniques
  • hardware tokens
  • software tokens
  • a challenge/response protocol
  • certificate agents

Collective Medical supports transmission of HL7 and other message types over restful web services. Payloads can be in HL7, FHIR, CCD, JSON, CSV, or other standard formats.


ADT transmission regardless of Certified Vendor choice:

To advance the following statewide goals and joint-initiatives between hospitals and community providers, it’s important to know that regardless of a Certified Vendor selection, hospitals can and should continue to submit their ADT to Collective Medical to:

  1. reduce unnecessary ED utilization
  2. reduce ED boarding
  3. reduce preventable readmissions
  4. reduce workplace violence from patients with aggressive histories
  5. improve care coordination and transitions of care
  6. improve SUD prevention and treatment in the ED

Please reach out to David Kimball ( with questions about selecting a Certified Vendor.