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Deliver value-based care with real-time patient data

With proactive alerts and real-time patient data, care transitions and communication are optimized for better outcomes, increased profitability, improved patient experience, and reduced readmissions.

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Transition to a Value-Based Care Model

With the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) driving this shift in the healthcare industry towards this new model, it is important to understand the reason behind the transition, its benefits, and to know there are solutions and support available to help excel under the VBC model.

Understanding Fee For Service (FFS) vs. Value-Based Care (VBC)

Shifting to a VBC model means that reimbursements are determined by the quality of care delivered by providers and patient outcomes as opposed to the fee for service model where reimbursements were based on the volume of services provided.

Benefits of VBC

There are many benefits to the VBC model including improved patient satisfaction, a reduction in healthcare delivery costs, and improved health of the patient populations being cared for. This new model drives the need for more collaboration and coordinated care between providers to achieve better outcomes.

Technology and Insights to Optimize Value-Based Healthcare

Optimize Transitional Care Management with real-time notifications

Care needs during, between, and post visits are immediately communicated to all patient care teams so medications, lab tests, and prioritizations are delivered to the right care team members to empower collaboration and coordinated care.

Reduce avoidable readmissions with intelligent risk scoring and real-time collaboration

Identify and prioritize intervention for at-risk patients, reducing readmissions and optimizing length of stay through better integrated care via unique analytics and alerts systems.

Improve patient satisfaction and patient outcomes with the right shared insights

Real-time clinical data exchange allows care teams create collaborative care plans that increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes. Access to key data including ADLs, patient progress, chart level data, patient triaging details, etc., ensures full communication and better outcomes.

Access to reports that identify trends and to integrations that simplify workflows

Generate weekly ED and IP census reports, monthly new member census reports, and weekly reports based on your set cohort criteria. Integration options are available to simplify workflows – send an outbound data feed, electronic notifications, or reports via SFTP.

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Proven Outcomes


reduction in all-cause 30-day readmissions at hospital partner in Oregon


reduction in avoidable readmissions at skilled nursing provider partner’s 3 facilities in Oregon


reduction in post-acute readmissions within the first 30 days


reduction in all-cause 30-day readmissions at hospital partner in southwest Washington


reduction in the cost of care and a 7% drop in avoidable admissions at ACO in Washington


of transitions fully electronic, saving time and reducing mistakes
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How ACOs can Benefit from ED Optimization

For ACOs and other organizations with an emphasis on accountability and value-based care, meeting regulations established by CMS and ONC is key to ensuring patients are receiving the best care possible while avoiding penalties. It can be difficult to know where to begin coordinating care with navigating several care teams and providers. This whitepaper provides a starting point for ACOs looking to help patients and lower costs.

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