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Deliver value-based care by unifying care teams with shared patient insights

With the right data at their fingertips, care teams use Collective to help lower healthcare costs, improve quality, and increase patient satisfaction, all at the same time.

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Optimize Transitional Care Management with real-time notifications

Collective identifies specific discharges likely to qualify for TCM services based on settings of care, complexity of decision-making, and patient conditions. Providers can direct efforts toward providing care as soon as patients discharge to the community.

Succeed under BPCI Advanced through unhindered

Through Collective, patients who fall into a BPCI episode are flagged, and care histories are pushed to care managers, skilled nursing facilities, and specialists as patients move through the care continuum. These efforts smooth transitions of care, reducing avoidable readmissions and lengths of stay.

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Collective helps you achieve improved patient outcomes at a lower cost.

Reduce avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions

Reduce overdoses and opioid prescriptions coming from the ED

Reduce number of ED encounters from frequent utilizers

Improve efficiency in post-discharge follow-up

Increase savings both at an organizational level and statewide

Improve satisfaction from both patients and providers

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White Paper

How ACOs can Benefit from ED Optimization

For ACOs and other organizations with an emphasis on accountability and value-based care, meeting regulations established by CMS and ONC is key to ensuring patients are receiving the best care possible while avoiding penalties. It can be difficult to know where to begin coordinating care with navigating several care teams and providers. This whitepaper provides a starting point for ACOs looking to help patients and lower costs.

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Case Study

Helping Providers Establish Better Home Health Care

Four million adults across the US are home limited, many relying on emergency department visits and hospitalizations to access basic healthcare. Housecall Providers, a member of the CareOregon family, provides nearly 2,300 people a year with medical care right where...

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